What Are We Insisting On?

We believe that the actual value of a toy is not just itself but the beauty of the world it brought to a child - art, love, hope, kindness, bravery, the ability to maintain a child's innocence, rich imagination, freedom of unique expression and sensitivity to the world.
These influences may be tiny, but it helps children to maintain an unextinguishable hope and optimism in their hearts when they face setbacks, pain, and darkness alone in the future. We will shoulder this responsibility with a serious attitude!

Guarding Children's Whimsy

In a child's world, there are no fixed things or traditional anthropomorphized objects because imagination is full of infinite possibilities. We want to convey that limitless potential. Flying cars, anthropomorphic animals, planting desserts, time travel...

Every product we design maintains innocence, permeating art aesthetics and boundless imagination throughout. We hope that children can create their own worlds through our products.

Linking Children All Over The World?

You can see children from all over the world through our products. Although they are different, they are good friends and children of the world! Our products not only restore realistic details but also have the warmth of a family and the happiness of different animals together. We hope to convey some heartwarming stories through our toys and transmit a temperature that belongs to us.

Listen To Children's Voice

In our works, every child has their shining point. Each child's gaze is different, some joyful, some confident, some playful, and some sad... You may think all children are happy, but children are diverse.
mideer wants to combine this artistic creativity with elements from around the world and convey the true inner world of children through every delicate detail. We want to transmit the little world that belongs to them and listen to the voice in their hearts.

mideer in the world

  • mideer In Europe

    mideer has partnered with world toy giants and entered Nature & Dรฉcouvertes and Culturea in France. We have also established counters at the Louvre Museum, Printemps department store, JouรฉClub, Pickiwtoys, and other locations in France. Unique and distinctive style, meticulous attention to quality, and focus on the craftsmanship of mideer products have received high praise from consumers from around the world.

  • mideer In Asia

    mideer prioritizes first-line luxury department stores in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Takashimaya and Kintetsu Department Store in Japan, Isetan Department Store and Hankyu Department Store in Japan, ION Orchard in Singapore, Galleria Department Store in South Korea, Pacific SOGO Department Store in Taiwan, D2 PLACE in Hong Kong, and Petrosains in Kuala Lumpur.

  • mideer In China

    mideer has established a counter in the first Hamleys flagship store in China. Also in high-end mother and baby platforms such as Qtools and Lijia Baby. As well as top-tier multi-functional bookstores such as SiSYPHE Eslite Bookstore, Yanjiyou, Fang Suo Commune, and Poplar Kid's Republic.
    The puzzle series is also known by consumers as " the master of art in the puzzle world ". Cooperated with the illustration world " Oscar " Bologna illustration exhibition which is dedicated to the cultivation of children's aesthetic growth.