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mideer toys enhance children's aesthetic abilities, unleash their unlimited imagination and creativity, and promote the development of multiple intelligences.

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  • Puzzles

    Art can be perceived. Using exquisite illustrations from various artists, mideer weaves a perceptible net work of puzzles with the beauty of diverse cultures.

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  • Arts & Crafts

    It is crucial for children to develope aesthetic taste and imagination with creative handicrafts. mideer incorporates various life elements into handicrafts. From 2D art to 3D paper folding, children can create freely.

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  • Building Blocks

    mideer breaks the traditional fixed structure of building blocks by using individual blocks without fixed answers. Subtly enhances children's spatial ability, logical thinking ability, observation skills, and more through building and playing.

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  • Outdoor Toys

    Children are natural explorers. They can stimulate their curiosity and sense of novelty through close contact with nature. mideer has developed a variety of outdoor toys that bring children closer to nature while playing.

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  • Simulation Model Toys

    mideer has blended classic childhood toys with modern art to recreate them, infusing traditional toys with contemporary artistic aesthetics. This collision of tradition and modernity creates a resonance between emotion and art.

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Let customers speak for us

Mideer is truly a remarkable brand! I am deeply impressed by the quality and innovative design of their products. My children absolutely love the puzzles, arts & crafts, and Archimedes items. I will continue to purchase from Mideer.

Trevor E

I'm thoroughly impressed with the Portable Puzzle Box - Wonderful Ocean. The quality of the puzzle pieces is top-notch, and the images are so captivating that it feels like you're diving into the ocean. The 104 pieces offer the perfect balance of difficulty and enjoyment. This puzzle is a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends.


I have been searching for products that can inspire my child's creativity, and Mideer perfectly meets my needs. Mideer is a delightful brand, and I sincerely appreciate the wonderful experiences they provide for children. Thank you, Mideer!


As a parent, I am extremely satisfied with Mideer's products. They truly understand the importance of children's aesthetic and intellectual development, and they skillfully combine artistic creativity with diverse cultures from around the world. I highly recommend everyone to purchase from Mideer.

Christina K

Fun and Development in One Toy. It's not just a toy but a valuable tool for my child's development. The bouncing motion helps improve their balance, coordination, and motor skills. The pig's cheerful design and colors stimulate their imagination and creativity. It's wonderful to see my child having so much fun while learning at the same time. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent, ensuring that this toy will last for a long time.

Amelia P

Mideer's Archimedes building blocks series is truly a masterpiece of craftsmanship! They not only allow for the construction of various creative structures but also serve as a tool for teaching children different concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers. These blocks ignite children's creativity and imagination while aiding in the development of excellent hand-eye coordination skills.

Claudia E

A Whimsical Journey into Wonderland! As you assemble the puzzle, you'll witness the whimsy and magic of Wonderland unfold before your eyes.

Magic K

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