About us

Founded in 2016, mideer is a brand focused on the aesthetic and intellectual development of children aged 2-8 with an international diverse culture as its creation background. We always adhere to the concept of combining artistic creativity with the world's multiculturalism and helping families and children around the world create a better life through products. We put forward ideas that are compatible with art and dialogue with the world. We hope that children can through our products open the door to the world and feel the beauty of art. Our toys are now available in 68 countries and regions around the world.

Art + Diverse Cultures + Educational Toys=Multiple Intelligences

mideer has broken the traditional limitations of educational toys on the market.

Our toys enhance children's aesthetic abilities, unleash their unlimited imagination and creativity, and promote the development of multiple intelligences.

This meets the growing demand in the current market for educational, innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and high-quality toys. Also filling the blank for toys that incorporate artistic elements.

mideer has become the leader in art and innovative toys.

Brand personalities

Good Life Institute

  • Discover

    Explore, Discover, Comprehend, Understand

    Discover beauty, explore new area. There are infinite possibilities with every step you take. Keep curious and keep moving forward. A limitless life begins with exploration.

  • Fun

    Fun, Happiness, Joy

    We experience happiness through play, experience, creation, and learning. The most important thing about growing up is to enjoy and embrace the process. Being a happy child leads to becoming a happy adult. Living in the present and fearless of the future.

  • Art

    Art, Artist, Aesthetic, Beauty

    Art can liberate children's nature, build confidence, and refine their temperament. Children should receive aesthetic education from an early age and be influenced by beauty.

Artist Lineups

Nearly 100 International Artist Collaboration Lineup

Since being founded, mideer has continued to collaborate and co-create with many international artists, including Eric Carle, Tatsuya Miyanishi, Alison Jay, Marion Arbona, Philip Giordano nearly 100 masters.

International Artist Co-Creation