How to Choose Right Painting Pens for Kids?

How to Choose Right Painting Pens for Kids?

Choosing the right art supplies is crucial during a child's scribbling stage (2+ years old), symbolic stage (4+ years old), and representational stage (6+ years old). Children of different age groups have different needs, and the correct brushes and paints can provide them with a better creative experience. In this article, we will delve into the functions of different art supplies to help you select the most suitable artistic enlightenment tools for your child.

Scribbling Stage - Age 2+

At this age, children are full of curiosity and love to scribble and explore. They need durable brushes to meet their creative needs and withstand various high-energy moments.

Multi-Dimensional Washable Markers

Multi-dimensional washable markers are an ideal choice. They have 3.2 grams of ink, enough for children to draw multiple times without having to change pens frequently. This feature eliminates the hassle for parents of frequently replacing brushes for their children.

Even if children press the pen tip hard, multi-dimensional washable markers can easily handle it without retracting. This high-pressure pen tip design effectively solves the problem of children potentially damaging the brush.

In addition, the pen tips of multi-dimensional washable markers are designed like lipsticks, making painting more precise and simple. Whether it's subtle embellishments, bold lines, or filling large areas, it can be done effortlessly.

Symbolic Stage - Age 4+

At this stage, children begin to develop their painting skills further, trying impressionistic painting and introducing baselines. They need a brush that can help them express details and use colors more effectively.

Translucent Dual Tip Markers

Translucent dual tip markers are an ideal choice as they feature a revolutionary cap-stacking color design that helps children understand the three primary colors in color theory. This design provides children with a new way to predict and experiment with different color combinations, contributing to their fun cognitive development.

Furthermore, Translucent dual tip markers come in two types of pen barrels. The round pen barrel is suitable for beginners, while the triangular pen barrel guides children to hold the pen correctly, making it easier to cover large areas with color.

Representational Stage - Age 6+

At this stage, children already have a certain foundation in painting and are eager to express their creativity beyond paper. They need high-quality brushes to meet their more complex creative needs.

Acrylic Markers

Acrylic markers are an excellent choice. They have high saturation, strong coverage, and are suitable for daily outlining, stacking colors, as well as advanced shading and gradient effects. These markers offer 60 color options, covering all the colors children need for their artwork, including metallic colors, providing more possibilities for their creations.


Choosing the right artistic enlightenment tools is crucial for a child's creative development. Children of different age groups require different types of brushes to meet their needs. Multi-dimensional washable markers, dual tip markers, and acrylic markers are suitable for children in the scribbling stage, symbolic stage, and representational stage, respectively. They help children better express their creativity and explore the infinite possibilities of art. The right choice of art materials will pave the way for children's artistic journey.

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