How Far Are We from Art?

How Far Are We from Art?

Is it separated by centuries, or is it spanning half the globe? In fact, art is not that complicated. It can be a nursery rhyme, it can be a story, or even a spontaneous gesture. In various ways, it conveys to us love, hope, kindness, and courage.

This is also what mideer has been pursuing all along, bringing art to children, allowing them to experience the diverse beauty of the world and explore more possibilities. Thus, mideer has once again invited 5 independent art masters from different countries to collaborate, using the theme "The Painting I Most Want to Give to the World," to paint with brushes their fantasies about the world, unknown journeys, and beautiful adventures, all encapsulated in jigsaw puzzles. Named "In the Name of Art, Born for Art," the artist jigsaw puzzle is born.

Diverse Collisions, Artistic Adventures

In this artistic journey, masterful artists from different countries, diverse educational backgrounds, and varied life experiences come together. With their unique artistic styles and diverse approaches, these masters paint worlds that are vastly different, sparking enchanting collisions that transcend borders. Each artist brings a distinctive brushstroke, allowing children to embark on an artful adventure and experience the richness of diverse artistic journeys.

First Stop: Poland

"The Tree of Life"

Arriving at the residence of Maria Dek in Poland, embark on an adventurous journey, stepping into the ancient forest. In this pristine sea of trees, everything grows, unfolding a profound exploration of the mysteries of nature. Traverse through the dense and lush "The Tree of Life," perceive the unique way of interacting with nature, and appreciate the endless hope of all living things.

"The Mole and His Neighbors"

As a dear guest of 'Mole and His Neighbors,' assist them in storing food for the winter and listen to their stories about the secrets of the forest.

In this ancient ecosystem, every leaf and every inch of land is bathed in the gifts of nature, forming a harmonious tapestry of coexistence. This is not just a journey but also a yearning for the mysteries of nature and a love for the continuous cycle of life. Under the shelter of the 'Tree of Life,' we will experience a profound journey into the miracles of life, savoring beautiful moments of harmony with nature. It is an adventure that immerses children, an educational journey about respect, understanding, and harmony.

Second Stop: Italy

"The Tale Of Yokai"

Guided by the escort of flying birds, we arrived in Italy. Under the leadership of Philip Giordano, we embarked on a marvelous adventure, exploring the enchanting realms of the kingdom of monsters. In "the tale of Yokai", the eccentric and sharply defined citizens, once strangers, became our intimate friends.

This is a kingdom filled with magic and miracles, where every corner is permeated with a mysterious atmosphere. Through encounters with these unique and lively Yokai, we not only discovered novel things but also forged profound friendships. Exploring alongside these whimsical companions, we immersed ourselves in a fairy-tale world full of wonders, challenging the limits of imagination and experiencing the magic of friendship.

"Holiday In Paris"

During the "holiday in Paris," we welcomed a vivid depiction of small animals enjoying a holiday in Paris. It was a joyful and relaxed time, where the little animals basked in the warm sunlight, sharing the happiness and ease of the holiday. Nestled in various corners of Paris, they joyfully explored, savored the unique city culture, and left behind strings of beautiful memories.

This stop is a fantastical journey of magical interactions with monsters and joyful gatherings with little animals. Every moment is a beautiful memory, adding a brilliant touch to the adventure.

Third Stop: Spain

"Dragon Dance"

Crossing the coastline, we stepped into the passionately vibrant Spain, experiencing the culturally charming country.

Guided by Leire Salaberria, we escaped the urban hustle and bustle, arriving in a jungle adorned with lush greenery. Here, we encountered the exquisitely dressed-up little animals, lined up and ready to participate in a unique event – Dragon Dance.

This is a scene full of enthusiasm and vitality. In the dense mountains, the little animals showcase their unique styles with various extravagant costumes.

Dragon Dance is a feast that transcends species and cultures. In a unique way, the little animals celebrate harvest and the rhythm of life. Leire Salaberria vividly portrays this scene on the canvas, allowing us to feel the boundless vitality of this passionate land of Spain.

This stop is not only an appreciation of the cultural beauty of Spain but also a grand celebration of life and joy with the little animals. In this passionately surging country, we dance joyfully with the little animals, experiencing the beauty of life and the colorful world together.

Fourth Stop: France


In France, we found an imagination master — Marion Aubona. We landed on her dazzling canvas, entering the dreamy city she created — Metropolis.

In this strange and colorful city, sunflowers build tall houses, and reaching out, you can greet extraterrestrial friends. Stepping into the clouds with Mr. Clown, we ignited curiosity about outer space and contemplation about the universe. This is a space beyond imagination, allowing us to explore freely in Marion Aubona's creative world, challenging the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

"Little People in My Garden"

As night falls, some little people appeared in the garden. Flower petals turn into slides, becoming tools for their grand adventure. In the playground among the flowers, they gathered together, turning this garden into a realm filled with laughter and fantastic adventures.

This stop is not only an exploration of French culture but also a fantastic journey into Marion Aubona's imaginative space, exploring the wonders of the dreamy metropolis she has constructed. In this kingdom full of whimsy, we challenged the shackles of reality, embraced the exploration of infinite possibilities, and ignited the pursuit of limitless artistic potential.

Fifth Stop: China

"Magical Dessert Bar"

Finally, we arrived in China, a mysterious country rich in cultural heritage. In this fertile land, we joined forces with Vikki Zhang to embark on a new adventure.

Together with her, we created a sweet fantasy — we used colorful cookies as tiles to cover the roof, and soft cream was squeezed onto the top as a unique decoration. Thus, the "Magical Dessert Bar" was born, a place filled with vibrant colors and the rich aroma of milk, a sweet creation that brought creativity to life.

This sweet shop is not just a building; it's a dreamlike space filled with the sweet scent of creativity. It becomes a highlight of this journey, showcasing the unique wonders of Eastern culture. In this magical world of creativity, we integrate the sweet flavors into architectural art, pleasing our senses with a colorful fusion of taste and sight.

This stop is a return to the beauty of the East, and it's also a unique experience created in collaboration with Zhang Wenqi. In this sweet and creative kingdom, we discover a deep love for our homeland and a profound nostalgia for Eastern culture. The 'Magical Sweet Shop' is not just a structure; it's an artistic expression of the longing for a beautiful life.


This journey has taken children into new realms, introducing them to fresh encounters and companions. They have traversed mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, embraced the camaraderie of the forests, and nestled to sleep under the rising moon. Through each adventure, they have captured the beauty of diverse corners of the world, experiencing unique childhoods in different countries, broadening their perspectives.


Art Knows No Age, Growth Knows No Limits

We believe that appreciation for art has no age restrictions, as children possess eyes eager to discover beauty. Our mission is to remove limitations from their growth. In this instance, the all-new Artist Puzzle Series breaks free from piece count constraints, venturing into higher piece counts. With puzzle difficulties ranging from 84 to 1000 pieces, children of various age groups can find puzzles suitable for them, immersing themselves in the kingdom of art. The puzzles also incorporate clever elements, featuring themes that progress from simple to intricate, designed puzzle pieces that increase in complexity, and an aesthetically advanced artistic progression. This ensures satisfaction for different age groups' needs. Starting from an early age, children have the companionship of art, planting the seeds of creativity in their hearts and accompanying them through sprouting and growth.

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