20 Fun Easter Activities

20 Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy With the Whole Family

Easter brings a special kind of magic, with its promise of blooming flowers and family gatherings. As the holiday approaches, it's time to think about all the fun ways to make this Easter memorable for everyone in the family. This article is your go-to guide for 20 simple yet exciting activities that will keep everyone from the littlest bunny hoppers to the wisest old owls entertained. We've got everything covered – from traditional egg hunts to cool crafts and outdoor games. So get ready to add some extra sparkle to your Easter this year with these fantastic family-friendly activities!

1. Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is the highlight of the holiday for many children! You can make it even more thrilling by assigning each child a color or pattern to search for, ensuring that everyone gets an equal share of the loot. For added fun, consider including 'golden eggs' that contain special prizes like a little toy or a coupon for extra screen time. If you're organizing a community event, think about creating different age zones, so all kids have a fair chance. Just remember to count how many eggs you've hidden, so none are left behind—unless you want a surprise when mowing the lawn or moving the couch!

2. Decorate Easter Eggs/Easter Egg Tree

Decorating Easter eggs is an activity that allows everyone to show their artistic side. Experiment with different techniques, such as using wax crayons before dyeing the eggs to create unique patterns, or wrapping the eggs in onion skins and boiling them to give a marbled effect. Once the masterpieces are complete, assembling the Easter egg tree becomes a group effort. Consider using a mix of real and plastic eggs, and let the kids decide where each egg should hang. This tree will not only be a focal point of your Easter decor but also a symbol of your family's creativity and teamwork.

3. Track the Easter Bunny

Transform your home into a bunny tracker's dream with a mini-adventure to find evidence of the Easter Bunny's visit. Start by crafting a letter detailing the Easter Bunny’s mission and hide it somewhere in the house for the kids to find. As they move from clue to clue, they can collect small treats along the way. The final clue could lead to a basket of goodies or a map to the start of the Easter egg hunt outside. It's a magical experience that combines imagination with the joy of discovery, sure to captivate children and adults alike. And who knows, you might just convince the grown-ups that Mr. Bunny has hopped through the garden once again!

4. Easter Racket Fun

On Easter Day, while the grown-ups might be chatting over their brunch, the 2-in-1 Kids Entry-Level Racket set turns the holiday into a laugh-a-minute adventure for the little ones. With rackets tailored just for kids, featuring an extra-large hitting surface, they'll feel like superstars with every swing, whether they're volleying against a wall or with a buddy. The joy is in watching them celebrate their successful hits as if each one were as thrilling as finding an Easter egg. Plus, the easy-to-hold, non-slip grip means that even the most energetic kids can play comfortably for hours without losing their grip amid the excitement. And when it's time to hop from place to place, the included net storage bag makes it a breeze for the kids to take their new favorite game along. It's not just about the sweets and treats; this Easter, kids will be creating giggles and memories with every serve and volley.

5. Pop and Catch Ball Game

After indulging in Easter treats, a pop-and-catch ball game is just the thing to get everyone moving. With a simple squeeze, watch the ball fly from the launcher and scramble to catch it as it comes back down. A game like this can quickly heat up as family members challenge each other to beat the high score, sparking laughter and a bit of friendly rivalry. It's not only a blast but also a brilliant way to engage kids in active play, possibly starting a new tradition that they'll look forward to year after year.

6. Play Water Gun Together

When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, what better way to cool off than with a lively water gunfight? Declare a splash zone in the backyard and let the games begin. Watch as everyone dashes and dodges streams of water, laughing all the while. It's a refreshing and exhilarating way to create lasting Easter memories and cool off on a warm spring day. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity for everyone to have fun and let their carefree spirit shine.

7. Do Origami

Discover the joy of paper folding with origami, the delightful art form perfect for all ages. Start with square pieces of paper and transform them into adorable creations through a series of folds. From bouncy frogs to cheerful birds, each shape brings its own bit of charm to your Easter celebration. The act of folding paper is almost like a quiet meditation, where you can sit down together, share pointers, and help each other out. As you master each model, you'll create not just art, but memories too. And once you're done, these paper treasures can brighten up any corner of your home or serve as lovely handmade gifts for guests.

8. Pogo Stick Game

Jump into action with a family pogo stick challenge! Whether you're bouncing in place or navigating an obstacle course you've set up in the yard, it's a fantastic way to laugh and leap into the spirit of Easter. A pogo stick game gets everyone's hearts pumping and spirits soaring. It's also a great opportunity for kids to practice balance and coordination. See who can bounce the longest or perform the funniest tricks. No matter how high you go, it's all about having fun and enjoying some active playtime together.

9. Floating Ball Game

Engage in a little air-powered magic with the floating ball game—an activity that's as enchanting as it is simple. Challenge your family members to keep the ball floating and dancing in the air without touching it. It's a delightful way to test your dexterity and have plenty of laughs as the ball zips and dips unpredictably. Even those who watch will be amused by the antics, making it a perfect, playful addition to your Easter festivities.

10. Lacing Beads Gift Box

Invite the younger ones to dive into a world of colors and patterns with lacing beads. It's more than just fun; it's also a helpful exercise for developing fine motor skills and concentration. Children can thread vibrant beads onto strings, create necklaces, and bracelets, or decorate a homemade gift box. These little boxes can be filled with Easter sweets or tiny notes of love, ready to be given to loved ones as a heartfelt symbol of the season. This activity is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and give children a sense of pride in giving handcrafted gifts. Plus, it's a quiet, calming activity that can provide a welcome respite from the day's excitement.

11. Have Easter Brunch/Dinner

Imagine the warmth of your kitchen filled with the delicious aromas of Easter brunch or dinner as the whole family pitches in. Children, with their little hands eagerly working the pancake batter, can help create adorable bunny pancakes adorned with fruit for faces. Let them sprinkle the table with festive confetti and lay out napkins in soft spring hues. Meanwhile, adults can focus on the main dishes—glazing a ham to perfection or roasting lamb until it's tender and juicy. When it’s time for dessert, everyone can gather around to mix and decorate a carrot cake, topping it off with cream cheese frosting and a pinch of cinnamon. And what better way to wash down this fabulous feast than with a homemade fruit punch, bursting with the flavors of fresh berries and citrus, as refreshing as a cool breeze on a spring day?

12. Attend an Easter Parade

Dress up in your springtime finest—perhaps a dapper hat or a floral dress—and join the community for an Easter parade that will dazzle your senses. The streets come alive with the sound of marching bands, their upbeat melodies a soundtrack to the vibrant procession. Watch as ornate floats pass by, each one a floating garden of delight, while children wave at performers twirling in their pastel garb. It’s a spectacle of joy and tradition, where smiles are shared and laughter is as plentiful as the candy being tossed gently into the crowd. It’s more than just a parade; it’s a tapestry of community spirit, woven together with each note played and step danced under the clear blue sky.

13. Egg the Neighbors

Revive the mischief of yesteryear with a wholesome twist: 'egging' your neighbors with kindness. Imagine the thrill of sneaking up to their doorsteps, hearts pounding with anticipation, as you carefully place baskets brimming with Easter surprises. Conceal tiny chocolates, pocket-sized toys, or notes scrawled with cheerful messages inside colorful plastic eggs. Leave this secret stash within a pretty basket, nestled amongst faux grass or wrapped in cellophane. Then, with a quick ring of the doorbell, embark on a swift escape, leaving behind a delightful mystery. This charming caper is sure to invoke smiles and laughter, fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill in your neighborhood—it’s a modern-day Easter tradition in the making.

14. Make a Festive Wreath

Roll up your sleeves and let's get crafty by making a beautiful Easter wreath together! It's super simple to start with a plain foam or straw circle that you can find at any craft store. Then, dress it up with bright fake flowers, shiny ribbons, and little plastic eggs. You can glue on these decorations or tie them with wire. Everyone in the family can add their favorite bits and pieces until the wreath is full of color and ready to hang on your door. It’s a great way to make your home look ready for spring and get everyone in the mood to celebrate!

15. Take a Hike

When the trees are getting their leaves back and flowers are starting to bloom, there’s no better time to hit the trails for a hike. Turn your walk into a game by searching for different kinds of plants, bird nests tucked away, or cool rocks shaped like hearts or other neat shapes. This kind of treasure hunt makes the time fly by as you're moving your legs and breathing in that clean, fresh air. It's all about having a great time outside and making memories with your family.

16. Paint Faces for Easter Day

Add some extra fun to Easter this year by painting each other's faces. With a bit of safe face paint, you can turn anyone into a cute bunny with a pink nose and whiskers or a chirpy chick with just a few strokes. Set up a mirror so you can giggle at yourselves and each other once you're done. It’s a great way to get a lot of laughs and take some funny photos that you’ll look back on for years to come!

17. Fly Kites

Easter is a time for joy, outdoor fun, and playful spirits, making it the perfect occasion to bring out the Pop-Up Mini Kites. There's something inherently amusing about watching these spring-loaded kites, with their cheerful cartoon designs, unfurl against the backdrop of a clear blue sky while children hunt for Easter eggs. The giggles and shouts as they dash around trying to catch the wind with their mini kites add an extra layer of laughter to the holiday cheer. Easy to pack for that Easter day trip and simple enough for kids to handle, these mini kites turn a regular garden or park into a whimsical playground. It's the kind of light-hearted activity that complements the Easter spirit – as unexpected and delightful as finding the prize egg in an Easter egg hunt!

18. Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is a fun and simple Easter activity that everyone can enjoy. First, you take hard-boiled eggs and color them with bright and cheerful designs. Once your eggs are ready, find a nice slope or a flat surface. The goal is to gently roll your egg so it travels as far as possible without cracking. Kids and grown-ups line up, spoons in hand, ready to nudge their eggs along through giggles and playful competition. It's all about light-hearted fun as you cheer on the eggs wobbling and weaving their way across the grass.

19. Color and Create with Coloring Books

Easter Day, with its burst of colors and creativity, is an ideal time for children to get lost in the world of the Mideer Drawing Coloring Book. The vibrant holiday, often filled with pastels and the excitement of new beginnings, complements the act of coloring beautifully. As kids sit down to color after an energetic egg hunt, they'll find joy in bringing their own personal touch to the pages, mirroring the lively hues of Easter. The thick quality paper ensures their masterpieces endure as keepsakes, and the portability means this coloring adventure can accompany any Easter travel plans. It's a delightful way for kids to wind down on Easter, honing their motor skills and creativity while engaging in a festive and fun activity.

20. Visit the Easter Bunny

Meeting the Easter Bunny is a magical moment for kids and a cherished tradition for many families. Look around for places where the Easter Bunny might be hopping by—often at community gatherings, local parks, or shopping malls. When you find him, there's a chance for a hug, a high-five, and a picture to capture the happy meeting. Kids can share their Easter wishes and everyone leaves with a smile. Seeing the Easter Bunny in person is like a sprinkle of Easter enchantment, making the holiday feel extra special.

Celebrating Easter with Heartfelt Activities

Whether you're crafting a colorful wreath, hiking through nature's playground, rolling eggs down a hill, or coloring a masterpiece, each activity is a chance to make memories with the people you love. And let's not forget the joy of meeting the fluffy Easter Bunny himself! Easter is a time for renewal and joy, and these activities offer many ways for families and friends to come together, share laughs, and celebrate the season. Happy Easter, everyone—may your day be filled with fun, creativity, and plenty of chocolate!

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