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Acrylic Markers - Ultra Soft Nib - 12 Colors

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Age 4+
12 Pieces
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"Acrylic Markers - Ultra Soft Nib" stand out primarily for their brush-style soft tips, a feature that enhances the creative experience. This design mimics the feel and flexibility of a traditional paintbrush, allowing for a range of strokes from fine lines to broad swaths with ease and precision. The soft tip ensures a gentle touch on various surfaces, minimizing damage while maximizing control and expression. This versatility makes it ideal for detailed work as well as filling larger areas with color, providing artists and hobbyists of all skill levels with the ability to effortlessly bring their visions to life.
Their exceptional coverage power enables vibrant coloring on diverse materials, from paper to rocks, making them incredibly versatile. Formulated with water-based pastel pigment ink, these markers are free from harsh additives, safe for users of all ages. They offer the convenience of being easily erasable and quick-drying, reducing smudging and waiting times. Packaged in an innovative pull-out design, these Markers combine functionality with convenience, making them a must-have for artists and hobbyists alike.
  • When using on smooth surfaces such as glass or ceramics, marks can be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • For artwork on fabric, gently rub with warm water to clean. Due to the varying nature of fabric materials, some residue may remain.
  • If the ink comes into contact with skin, rinse with warm water. Given the differences in individual skin types, there may be some residue left behind.
This item contains 12 markers.
  • Age: 4+
  • Box Measures: 3.43" x 1.3" x 5.71"
  • Including: 12 markers
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Box of 12 colors Mijello Acrylic Markers with ultra-soft nib for versatile stroke range on various surfaces.
Set of 12 Acrylic Markers with Ultra Soft Nib for versatile strokes on various surfaces, ideal for artists and hobbyists, showing box and color palette.
Hands using Acrylic Markers with Ultra Soft Nib to create vibrant illustrations on varied glass surfaces, demonstrating versatility and color quality
Assorted glass bottles artistically decorated with vibrant flowers and patterns using ultra-soft nib acrylic markers, showcasing versatile application on smooth surfaces
Acrylic Markers Ultra Soft Nib used on rocks with colorful designs by artists
Acrylic markers with ultra soft nib creating vibrant art on black paper with colorful whimsical animal and plant designs.
Set of Acrylic Markers with Ultra Soft Nib in packaging, showcasing 12 vibrant colors for versatile art projects on various surfaces.
Hand using an Ultra Soft Nib Acrylic Marker on colorful artwork demonstrating strong color coverage and ease of layering
Acrylic Markers with Ultra Soft Nib creating smooth ink flow on rainbow artwork, no need to press with cotton core of ink storage
Versatile acrylic markers with ultra soft nib used on various surfaces including umbrella, fabric, rock, leaf, shell, and glass showing vibrant colors and creative designs.
Acrylic Markers with Ultra Soft Brush-Style Tip Demonstrating Thick and Thin Lines Creation
Child playing with an acrylic marker from the 12 Colors Ultra Soft Nib set that is odorless, water-based, and free from irritating additives.
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